2020 Annual Appeal

December 14, 2020

Dear WL Friend,

Support our work this holiday season!

As we prepare to celebrate the holiday season differently this year, we are taking time to reflect. This has been a challenging year and there has been much to be thankful for, but we know there is more work than ever ahead of us. Although this year has looked and felt so different for all of us, it has been even more challenging for our students. And that is why I’m asking for your help.

More students than ever cannot leave campus due to financial hardships, along with the pandemic restrictions on travel. Because of your generosity, the MIT Women's League was able to step up and provide gift cards to some who were the neediest. Plus, our longstanding "Fall Fashion Free for All" (FFFFA) was revamped into two online events, but more on that later.

Last year I never would have envisioned doing so much virtually and learning how important a resource of giving, learning, and support the WL is. Because of you - yes, you - we have been able to fulfill many requests for assistance. Most of the requests would normally be for the CASE students but now, because of the current crisis, the demand is even greater.

The online FFFFA had the names of 100 students who "had never lived in a cold climate" or needed a "Zoom" shirt or blouse for an interview. League members fulfilled the majority of these requests, and the WL provided the funding to meet the remaining needs. This heartfelt program will be offered again in late January for the spring term students, and we will also continue to provide debit cards to the CASE students. The WL also assisted CASPAR and Transition House, both local charities that lost significant funding this year.

Due to the pandemic, our tradition of making the wreaths and garland to adorn 77 Mass Ave. couldn’t take place. First, we couldn’t gather to make the wreaths, and second, the Department of Facilities didn't have sufficient funds in its budget because the Institute had taken a deep financial hit. So . . . to keep a glimmer of hope decking the hallway, the WL made a significant contribution to Department of Facilities, and their on-campus staff will make and hang the wreaths this year. In this way, the spirit of our holiday tradition continues.

Your gift of $100 annually makes a huge impact on the neediest of our vulnerable community and MIT community partners. Some of you might not be in a position to give the same as you have in the past, but I hope that you will sustain our good deeds if you can. I invite you to join us in helping our community by giving as generous a gift as possible to our 2020 Annual Appeal today. Thank you.

Warm regards and consider yourself hugged!

Cheryl Vossmer


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