English Conversation Classes

Thank you for an amazing 60 years!
The MIT Women's League English Conversation Classes began in 1963. Over the years, more than 3,500 international visitors have joined us for a chance to improve their English skills, make friends, and learn about American life. Enrollment grew from 19 students that first year, to a peak of 94 students in a single semester in 2014. 
The COVID-19 pandemic forced all our programing online, but change was already in the air. There are now robust free English language classes options offered by Cambridge and Boston Public Libraries. Demographics have also shifted - partners of international students are more likely to arrive already speaking English and continuing to work professionally while they are in the US. This program is now on indefinite pause, and Spring 2023 was our last semester. 
Our heartfelt thanks go to Jan Kirtley, who was a big part of the program from 1979 until she stepped down in 2018, and to Laurie Scott, who led thr program from 2018-2023, and steered it through the pandemic. We are so grateful to all of the teachers who volunteered their time over the years.