Japanese Wives Group Penpal Project builds friendships across continents

December 4, 2018

The MIT Japanese Wives Group continues to engage in its activities within and beyond Boston. As one of the activities, The MIT Japanese Wives Group in Japan has started "The Penpal Project." The members correspond with the partners belonging to the group at MIT as penpals. After sending an e-mail introducing myself, I check all of my iOS gadgets to see if I have received something from them many times a day. You wouldn't imagine how I was excited to hear from one of my penpals!

Since then, our good relationships have been continuing. This project gave me two fabulous joys. I could meet one of my penpals Sharon in Japan with Megumi Enokido, since her family had a layover in Japan. The other fabulous joy is in feeling my penpals' thoughtful consideration. On September 6th, a powerful earthquake with the magnitude of seven struck the northern island Hokkaido in Japan. I was there on the day. I had no access to electricity, buses, trains or the Internet services for nearly two full days. When the electricity came back, I found out I got e-mails of checking on my and the people of Hokkaido's safety from my penpals.

I would like to take this opportunity to express my appreciation to you all. Thanks to the project, I could feel the kindness of my penpals. —Chizu Ikeda