Donate Winter Clothing



Can you sent winter clothing items directly to a student who needs them? Here's how you can help!

1. Review this spreadsheet, to see what students need. 

2. Once you found someone you can help, put your name in the first column, the one headed 'DONORS, SIGN UP HERE', and your email address in the second column. Students sometimes request multiple items (i.e. coat and gloves and scarf). Please sign up for all the items you plan to send, and leave others blank.

3. The Women's League will reach out to you to give you that student's mailing address, and you send items directly to them. 

4. Once you've sent your items, go back to the spreadsheet and write SENT in the ITEMS SENT? column.

5. We want to give people things they will use, so we asked students to give us pointers for what they are looking for. You'll see those thoughts and ideas in the spreadsheet. Maybe you have something just right in your closet, or you prefer to buy online. It's entirely up to you. 

6. Want to help but don't want to pick out clothes? Sign up for the student you want to help, and let us know you prefer to send a gift card. 


The ARM Coalition and the MIT Women’s League are holding a campus-wide winter clothing drive, collecting gently used collecting winter coats, hats, gloves and scarves in all sizes to be directly distributed to students who need them. Items can be placed in donation bins in these locations:

Libraries: Dewey, Hayden, Lewis

Student Support Services (S3)

CARE Team 7-143

WGS 14N-213


Student Financial Services

Students are welcome to pick up an item direct from the donation bin, and items will collected periodically and stored at the Office of the First Year, where students can stop by and take what they need. 

Not on campus? Drop us a line and we can help you find a way to get your donations to us.